The first ever – in Russia – loft apartment with a car lift which delivers the car right up and into the drawing room. There are only a handful of buildings featuring such technological solutions, including the Hamilton Scotts in Singapore, the Porsche Tower in Miami, and the PH1 Penthouse in New York.

A loft apartment complete with a car lift is an ideal solution for a vibrant big city lifestyle. The drawing room includes a glazed garage where the owner can ascend to the safety of his home directly from the parking lot.

The practical layout of the property on the lower level includes a spacious drawing room with a panoramic glazing and a wood burning fireplace, as well as a terrace. A multiple style interior potential – from Classic Revival to Eclectic – provides the owner with opportunities for most daring design ideas.

Thanks to the light decor of the walls and the panoramic windows the space of the apartment will always be filled with natural light which is sure to create a special, uniquely airy atmosphere within. While the elegant spiral staircase to the higher level of the apartment will impart an added charm to any kind of interior.

The capacious terraces on the second and third levels feature a barbecue area and a relaxation lounge space. The floor decking is thermally treated natural larchwood.

The winter garden will become the best loved focal point for the family. Using the open glazed systems the room and the terrace merge into one, while the garden becomes a natural extension of the apartment. With the glazed panels shut the nature in the garden still stays close – as never before.

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