Apartment 6

Floors area
382.7 м2
2 floor
3 bedrooms
Kutuzov Embankment (NW), Gagarinskaya Street (SW)
Ceiling height
3.52-3.77 м
Balcony/terrace floorspace
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This luxurious residence boasts a blend of unique decoration with museum pieces and a smart living area layout. The apartment can be roughly divided into two areas: a private area and front rooms. The private area features a master bedroom with a separate bathroom and a spacious wardrobe, a large guest room and a children's room with its own bathroom. The front rooms include a modern kitchen/dining room, a living room and a study with a private library. This apartment is perfectly suited for people who appreciate their time, comfort and classic style interior design. Such approach to the living space layout matches the high standards of luxury real estate and status of its owners.

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